Keeping the Power On…

Watch this video to see how EnerG Test can keep your electricity flowing.

Whether you need acceptance testing, preventive maintenance or quick action for a power outage, depend on EnerG Test to keep the electricity flowing.

Learn about the 5 Misconceptions About Electrical Safety (PDF 421 KB)

EnerG Test specializes in electrical testing, infrared testing, oil analysis, transformer testing, servicing and maintenance of all electrical power systems. No matter what your electrical system, we can make sure the power stays on, or find the problem -- and fix it.

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We serve Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland, New England, Washington, DC and the Mid-Atlantic regions. EnerG Test is ready with the experience and professionalism to tackle the requirements of your electrical power system, no matter what type it is.

EnerG Test is comprised of a committed team of highly trained and motivated personnel dedicated to ensuring optimum system reliability and performance. Whether it is responding to a sudden outage or performing scheduled service, the "can do attitude" that the management team has instilled in the workforce is revealed in the quality and professionalism delivered to the customer. Speed, service and solutions are the three basic elements of the EnerG Test business model.

All of EnerG Test's services are performed in accordance with applicable standards and guidelines from ANSI/IEE, NETA, NFPA, ACEA and Doble.

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