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The Basics of Transformer Testing

Author: Kevin Matthews
6/12/2024  |  Read Time: 2min
Distribution transformers are an often-overlooked electrical asset. Tucked away in the corner or hidden in a substation, enjoying a typical service life of around 25 years, and possessing virtually no moving parts, they are often installed and then promptly forgotten.

May is National Electrical Safety Month, Part 3

Author: Kevin Matthews
5/13/2024  |  Read Time: 2min
We partner with companies to provide Electrical power acceptance testing, commissioning, repair, and maintenance testing services, Electrical Engineering Service, Design/Build, Analytical and Power Studies. We’re a NETA Accredited Company with over 20 years focused on Electrical Testing and Maintenace…

May is National Electrical Safety Month! Part 2…

Author: Kevin Matthews, PE, PMP
5/6/2024  |  Read Time: 2min
What better way to ensure the electrical equipment and system is safe, properly installed and performing as intended than acceptance testing and commissioning?

May is National Electrical Safety Month!

Author: Kevin Matthews, PE, PMP
5/3/2024  |  Read Time: 2min
A current single line, an updated arc flash and coordination study, a recent power quality and harmonics study are all parts of ensuring a safe and reliable electrical system. Regular maintenance and testing per NFPA 70B and NETA MTS standards help ensure proper and effective operation, while having an engineered design and both long- and short-term planning are critical for future longevity.

NFPA 70B-Changes

Author: Kevin Matthews, PE, PMP
4/22/2024  |  Read Time: 2min
Did you know that in 2023, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 70B has shifted from a “Recommended Practice” to a “Standard” that contains mandatory language for the development, implementation, and operation of an Electrical Maintenance Program (EMP)?

Engineering Week And The Future

Author: Kevin Matthews, PE, PMP
2/19/2024  |  Read Time: 2min
If you have ever spoken with anyone involved in Scouting (Scouts BSA) they will proudly tell you that a significant number of adults started down the path toward their career, or a lifelong hobby, because of the Scouting Merit Badge program.

Fall Reflections

Author: Kevin Matthews, PE, PMP
11/16/2023  |  Read Time: 2min
Did the summer excavation damage your ground system integrity? Have the upgrades you completed over the summer changed the incident energy levels of your system? Are protective coordination changes needed to protect your system from nuisance tripping?

69kV Breaker Addition

Author: Kevin Matthews, PE, PMP
7/7/2022  |  Read Time: 2min
When routine becomes anything but routine, partnering with an organization that can supply a turnkey solution, handling everything from engineering to installation and testing and the capability to provide a wide array of services, including engineering and design, high voltage work, fiber, controls, and NETA testing helps ensure overall success when faced with today’s supply chain challenges.

Plant Facilities New Year's Resolutions

Author: Kevin Matthews, PE, PMP
1/3/2022  |  Read Time: 2min
The start of a new year is always a time for personal reflection. A time to take a moment and look back on what has been accomplished and what is planned for the year ahead.

Resuming Operations: Are you ready?

Author: Kevin Matthews, PE, PMP
2/8/2021  |  Read Time: 2min
Over time electrical equipment ages and deterioration occurs as part of the normal process. With proper testing and effective maintenance, most unplanned outages can be prevented, and equipment life maximized.

What value of ground resistance should I have?

Author: Kevin Matthews, PE, PMP
1/30/2020  |  Read Time: 2min
Since the earth doesn’t come with a convenient electrical terminal to facilitate that connection we have to improvise. Ground electrodes can come in the form of ground rods, plates, underground water pipes, metal in-ground support structures, grids, pipe electrodes, ground rings, and similar structures as allowed by the National Electric Code.

Transformers and Oil Analysis

Author: Kevin Matthews, PE, PMP
1/9/2020  |  Read Time: 2min
The insulating oil in a transformer is intended to serve two primary functions. First, as an electrical insulation to withstand the high voltages present inside the transformer. Secondly, to serve as a heat transfer medium to dissipate the heat generated within the transformer windings.

So, Is It A Switchboard Or Switchgear?

Author: Kevin Matthews, PE, PMP
3/11/2019  |  Read Time: 2min
Probably the easiest way to distinguish between a switchboard or a piece of switchgear is by voltage level. Typically, switchboards are designed for applications rated at 600-volts or less.

Have You Done Enough?

Author: Kevin Matthews, PE, PMP
1/21/2019  |  Read Time: 2min
Certainly, no maintenance programs, whether preventive, predictive, time-based, conditioned based, and so on, can prevent every failure.

A New PE at EnerG Test

Author: Kevin Matthews, PE, PMP
12/20/2018  |  Read Time: 2min
The requirements to earn a PE license include a four-year college degree, followed by documented, increasing levels of, experience under the direction of a Professional Engineer for a minimum of four years, two rigorous competency exams, and reference checks.

You Can’t Improve Reliability And Effectively Mitigate Risk Until You Know What Condition Your Facility’s Electrical Distribution System Is In.

Author: Kevin Matthews, PE, PMP
10/16/2018  |  Read Time: 2min
Partnering with a trusted engineering services provider can help close that experience gap and identify issues before they cause performance problems.

Very Low Frequency Testing: Q&A

Author: Kevin Matthews, PE, PMP
8/27/2018  |  Read Time: 2min
VLF testing is well suited for testing high capacitance loads such as cable, insulators, arrestors, and rotating machinery, such as motors and generators.

"An Annual Physical for your Facility?"

Author: Kevin Matthews, PE, PMP
7/26/2018  |  Read Time: 2min
Plant and facilities professionals are responsible for millions of dollars of capital equipment and critical production; where an hour of down time can be measured in hundreds of thousands of dollars and yet often a simple "check-up” is ignored.